SP's Naval Forces - October-November 2016

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Issue Features

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    Lead Story
    Arihant—Functional Arm of India’s Nuclear Triad!

    Once Arihant is fully operational India will proudly claim the membership to the exclusive club of other ‘nuclear triad’ powers — UK, USA, China, Russia and France

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    Plugging Gaps in Strategic MDA

    Maritime events that could potentially affect India are not the only wide-ranging element of MDA but it is also essential that threats...

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    Foreign Relations
    Indo-Russian Naval Cooperation

    As they say in Russian, ‘An old friend is better than two new friends’.
    —Prime Minister Narendra Modi said after meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the BRICS Summit

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    Coastal Security
    Brown Water Navy's Killer Boats

    Countries who do not need a full-fledged navy find FACs a suitable inexpensive option in lieu of navy.

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    Naval Commanders' Conference 2, 2016

    The biannual Naval Com - manders’ Conference 2, 2016, was held under the aegis of Integrated Headquarters...

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    Exercise Paschim Leher

    The nine-day long Exercise Paschim Leher tested the combat readiness of the Command at sea, including mobilisation and operational synchronisation

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    Strategic Vision for Asia-Pacific and Indian Ocean Region

    A bilateral conference between National Maritime Foundation and Centre for Naval Analyses was held on the Challenges and Convergence...

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    Goa Maritime Symposium

    The first ever Goa Maritime Symposium conducted by the Naval War College on October 7 and 8, 2016.