The Indian Navy & Rolls-Royce — A Legacy of Success

Issue: 6 / 2016By Dr Glen Kelly

One of the most technologically advanced and potent arms of the Indian military, the Indian Navy, has tirelessly worked towards safeguarding our maritime borders. As India grows to adopt an increasingly important role in regional maritime security, the Indian Navy is evolving in-step to fulfil the new roles and responsibilities that it will be entrusted with.

A Strong Legacy of Supporting Mission Readiness

Rolls-Royce has been supporting and enabling the mission readiness of the Indian Navy on the seas and in the air. We are proud of the fact the Rolls-Royce equipment powers over 40 Indian Navy and 41 Indian Coast Guard vessels. Our MTU engines form the backbone of the Indian Coast Guard and Indian Navy fleet. Engines from Bergen Engines are also fitted on vessels of the Indian Coast Guard.

We have had a 54-year-long working relationship with 300 INAS, supporting the squadron mission readiness and operational capability. Building on this relationship, today it’s our priority to support the mission-readiness of the Indian Navy’s Sea King fleet, which has many years of operations still left. A versatile and potent weapons platform for the Indian Navy, the Sea King is an important force multiplier. Its capabilities range from anti-submarine warfare, commando operations, ambulance, to anti-shipping strikes in multifarious weather conditions both by day and night. As such, we are committed to providing the necessary support required to keep the Sea King operationally ready to carry out its mission – anywhere, anytime.

Our services and support is aimed at further maximising the number of engines available to fly and reduce the cost of support to operators. We are helping the Indian Navy maximise its use of the Rolls-Royce powered Hawk advanced jet trainer, which is an expanding fleet, crucial to the Navy’s combat aircraft capability.

Capabilities to Support End-to-End Naval Requirements

Globally, a number of the world’s coast guards already use Rolls-Royce-designed vessels and more than 70 navies around the world use our power systems and equipment.

As such, Rolls-Royce is well positioned to supporting the ongoing modernisation initiatives of the Indian Navy. Right from engines, ship design, gas turbines, propulsors, electrical power systems, underway replenishment, propellers and water jets to cranes and handling systems, etc. Rolls-Royce has a range of products and service offerings to meet every requirement. There have already been recent orders which include the supply of stern gear for seven Indian naval frigates and five Indian naval OPVs.

Our marine business offers an extensive product base and experience in ship design and propulsion and power systems integration. This enables Rolls-Royce to contribute to system selection, the interfacing of the propulsion system to the ship structure, ship services, auxiliary systems and ancillaries. We have the capability to deliver complete packages of services from initial concept studies, through equipment selection, systems integration and through life support.

With MTU now a part of the Rolls-Royce marine equipment portfolio it helps us in building up a synergy by the offering of complete drive-line integrated system solutions to naval customers across the world.

A Trusted Partner for the Future

Going forward, we look to further building on the foundation of our distinguished legacy and long-standing partnership with the Indian Navy.

The Indian Navy is currently considering the US-2I amphibious aircraft, which will be an important asset in the Indian Navy’s arsenal. The US-2I shares a common engine type, the AE2100, with the Indian Air Force’s current fleet of the C-130J Super Hercules. It also uses a CTS-800 engine which assists with take-off. Drawing on our experience from servicing the C-130J fleet in India, Rolls-Royce is the perfect choice to provide support for the US-2I fleet to ensure mission readiness and alltime operational capability.

We are ambitious for the future as we invest in setting up a world-class engineering centre in Bengaluru and Pune and supply chain capability to meet the country’s modernisation and indigenisation requirements. We are proud of our past and are committed to co-develop and co-create in India.

—The writer is VP – Customer Business Defence India, Rolls-Royce