Concern Avrora Scientific and Production Association. Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.

Issue: 5 / 2015

For more than 40 years, the Concern Avrora specializes in development and manufacturing of automated systems for control and monitoring of technical facilities of marine objects. The company is a leader in the field of shipboard instrument engineering and is a supplier of control systems (CS) of technical facilities and weapons for ships and submarines of all classes, both for the Russian Navy and for the navies of foreign countries.

The products of the Concern have proven themselves reliable and high performance equipment, they are currently under operation on all the ships and submarines of the Russian Navy.

Today the Concern has a comprehensive stock of orders both for the Russian Navy and for foreign customers, the biggest of whom are the countries of the Asia-Pacific Region.

Traditionally, the leadership of the Concern pays great attention to laying of scientific and technical groundwork for the future – scientific research and development activities, directed at creation of new, technically advanced and competitive products, as well as development of new promising directions of activities.

Considerable scope of work is fulfilled in the fields of automation of marine objects and creation of training simulators of control systems, which is traditional area of the Concern’s activities. At present moment, in particular, the works are being carried out in the following areas:

  • definition of concept, construction principles, structures and technical solutions for integrated automated control systems (IACS) of marine objects, including deep-diving vehicles of new generation;
  • modernization of algorithms for solving a position fix problem for marine objects, control of their positioning, motion and maneuvering with the purpose to improve efficiency and reliability of their use;
  • improvement of basic technical and architectural solutions for new generation of special training simulators and training technical facilities of control systems.

During definition of a concept, construction principles, structures and technical solutions of a shipboard IACS by specialists of the Concern jointly with contractual partners, the “smart ship” innovation concept has been formalized as further development of mutual integration of shipboard control systems into an integrated general ship automated control system.

The main idea of the smart ship concept is deep mutual integration of shipboard automatic facilities, their integration into a common information environment and creation of an integrated shipboard IACS with high level of automation and information support.

New generation of IACS, being created to support the smart ship concept, is characterized by the following innovative technical solutions:

  • modular architecture, comprising integrated combat control systems (ICCS), integrated
  • bridge systems (IBS) and integrated (or complex) control systems of technical facilities;
  • construction based on the use of redundant highly reliable systems of data exchange,
  • implementing common information environment of an object;
  • creation of developed facilities of information support of crew members, for all the modes
  • of weapons and technical facilities use;
  • introduction of interactive electronic manuals for operation of control systems;
  • introduction of a concept of unified integrated command centers of a ship, which improve
  • the efficiency of day-to-day combat control.

State-of-the-art systems created with use of the above-mentioned concept are being developed for a number of foreign customers, advanced developments of control systems are also designed for newest civil ships, including the new generation of Russian icebreakers.

It is necessary to mention the success achieved by the Concern in 2014 in the field of research and development in scientific and technical areas that are new for the company.

One of the works is development of an advanced homemade set of microblock equipment for automated control systems of technical processes (TP ACS) of submersible vehicles for development of continental shelf.

In today’s world, in conditions of increasingly strict requirements to new products and intense competition, creation of new articles requires use of new innovative technical solutions, approaches and technologies. The Concern’s enterprises invest heavily in modernization of production, introduction of new CAD systems, electronic document management, development of Concern’s testing center. Avrora S&P Association has implemented state-of-the-art technologies of manufacturing device cases, electric wiring, it has developed technology of integrated checking and testing of control systems with mathematical models of controlled objects.

Concern Avrora improves constantly its products, develops new product specimens and modernizes the articles being manufactured, allowing both the leadership and all the team of the Concern to look confidently into the future and to plan further development of the company.