SP's Naval Forces - August-September 2015

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Issue Features

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    Lead Story
    Protecting Maritime Trade on the High Seas

    There are many military missions in this role like Sea Control, Sea Denial, Blockade, Power Projection, Compellence, etc, which have indirect fall-out for the protection of the maritime trade

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    Indian Navy's Rotary-wing in Doldrums?

    With the dwindling inventory of multi-role helicopters, Indian Navy is now hard pressed to bridge the capability gaps in deployment and tasking helicopters, even for newly commissioned ships

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    Naval Guns
    The Naval Gun Continues to Reign!

    The most striking thing about the armament packages of the formidable warships under construction is the fact that the naval gun continues to form an integral part of the firepower of these warships

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    Special Feature
    The Indian Navy and the Indo-Pak War of 1965

    After China’s attack on India’s northern frontiers in 1962, the Army’s hands were more than full and the Indian Navy had been charged with the garrisoning of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

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    Unmanned Systems
    Ship-borne Unmanned Aerial System

    NSUAS will be capable of flying either pre-programmed or operator-initiated missions guided by the global positioning system (GPS) and its onboard flight control system

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    Next-Generation Missile Vessels – Lethal and Futuristic

    The profile of Next-Generation Missile Vessel will make the platform very potent and ideally suited for Low Intensity Maritime Operations

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    Show Report
    DSEI 2015: Focus on Technological Innovations

    This year there was an impressive international flotilla complement with an enlarged US Maritime Pavilion

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    Exercise Malabar 2015 – A Curtain-raiser

    Originally Exercise Malabar was conceived as naval exercises between the US Navy and the Indian Navy.

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    MiG-29K Takes-off

    MiG-29K demonstration at Shore Based Test Facility (SBTF), Goa, for the delegation of the Consultative Committee of Ministry of Defence on September 20, 2015