Arihant Successfully Executes Weapon Ejection

Issue: 6 / 2015 By SP's Special Correspondent November 30, 2015 Photo(s): By MoD

India's Arihant ballistic missile submarine platform demonstrator has successfully executed a weapon ejection trial in the Bay of Bengal under the aegis of the Indian Navy, BARC and the DRDO. The submarine, on sea trials since last year, fired what has been reported to be an unarmed B-05 submarine launched ballistic missile that sports a range of approximately 1,000 km in an unarmed or "dummy" configuration. The trial was strictly to observe and validate the weapon ejection mechanism from the Arihant's dorsal vertical missile launch silos that release their weapons through hydraulic hatches. The Arihant is currently on a crucial leg of trials in the Bay of Bengal, validating virtually all aspects of its efficacy as a strategic weapons delivery platform, including its dive depth and endurance, acoustic signatures at various speeds, lurking depth and weapons release depth. A parallel programme to develop its weapons, including the B-05 has progressed with more tests likely in Spring 2016. The Arihant will ultimately sport the K-4 strategic nuclear missile, a submarine-launched version of the Agni-III, giving the platform its full-fledged place in India's nuclear triad. Sources tell SP's that the successful weapons release test on the Arihant has been shared and acknowledged at the highest levels of government. Navy sources also confirmed that the Arihant's presence at the International Fleet Review early next year is also under consideration, though SP's has independently learnt from government sources that this is unlikely.