F21: Safest Modern Torpedo to be Industrialised in India

A story of successful industrial development

Issue: 6/2022
(Left-Right) F21 Heavy Weight Torpedo

The initial phase of the development of the F21 torpedo dates back when the French Navy expressed stringent need to match the operational requirement for torpedo having unparalleled performances, while fulfilling the highest enhanced safety rules and standards for its new generation of SSN Barracuda class submarines. These demanding requirements did not match the technical features of electrical torpedoes available on the market, thus development of a new class of torpedo became even more necessary. Consequently, the French Navy decided to fund the development of a new modern 21st century Heavy Weight Torpedo (HWT). Naval Group, being the only manufacturer in the world having safely mastered the Aluminium Silver Oxide technology for batteries, incorporated the same in the F21 development, allowing the torpedo to boast higher range and maximum available speed. This state-of-art equipment has now been manufactured, tested and already delivered by Naval Group to the French Navy and to the Brazilian Navy.

F21 for India

With a presence of more than a decade in India, Naval Group has firmly supported the self-reliance of the Indian Navy for its complex naval programs. We have proposed the F21 torpedo to the Indian Navy in response to their RFP. We are confident that the characteristics of F21 will far exceed all other heavy torpedoes currently in service with international navies.

In addition to our proposal, Naval Group has been involved with Indian industry for more than 5 years with the sole aim of developing a sustainable ecosystem for the manufacturing, assembling and testing of several complex systems and subsystems of the F21 HWT. These efforts were useful for our seamless response to the offset proposal adjoining the offer to the Indian HWT tender.

In frame of this offset possibility, we are keen in developing Indian industrials as well as competent MSMEs to enlarge future possibility of indigenous content for this modern torpedo. We have already qualified the thermal batteries in India for such torpedo and now furthermore we have identified around 30 Indian companies that will be able to carry out the 27 joint industrial activities (production of specifically identified mechanical parts, cabling and harnesses, hull parts and systems for assembly and then create self-sustainable facility for assembly, integration & tests in India) and tests for this future Indian project and possibly become part of the global supply chain for the F21 product around the world.

It will be possible to work on indigenously manufactured F21 torpedoes in future after necessary transfer of technology and product qualification is done through this first possible contract with Indian Navy.