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Russian Export Grows Steadily

Issue: 5-2021
PALMA has been recently chosen internationally as a close range shipborne ADS

The summer exhibition period 2021 has demonstrated strong demand for Russian weapons and military equipment. At the ARMY-2021Military-Technical Forum, MAKS-2021 Air Show and IMDS-2021 Maritime Defence Show, Rosoboronexport (Rostec Corporation subsidiary) signed over 30 contracts with international partners worth over Euro 3 billion.

Rosoboronexport has leveraged the full potential of Russian summer defence exhibitions, thereby replenishing its order portfolio and increasing the workload of the domestic defence enterprises: the export plan now includes Su-30-type aircraft, Mi-35M / P, Mi-171Sh and Mi -17V-5 helicopters, aircraft weapons, Pantsir-S1 / S1M self-propelled anti-aircraft gun / missile (SPAAGM) system, Verba MANPADS, Protivnik-GE radar, Krasukha electronic warfare system, Repellent-Patrol mobile anti-drone EW system , Kornet-EM ATGM system, remote controlled weapon stations, weapons for surface combatants and submarines, small arms, ammunition. An agreement was reached on integrating Russia’s Palma shipborne gun / missile closein weapon system (CIWS) into a ship’s foreign-made weapons system.

Russia’s successes in military-technical cooperation prove that the domestic industry is capable of developing new unique products and solutions that are in demand in the market. At the same time, a qualitative renewal of the plants and design bureaus’ fixed assets, their timely retrofitting and upgrading at the expense of funds received from the implementation of state defense orders and export contracts, launches the processes of positive transformation of infrastructure in regions, from household facilities to science schools, technology parks and experimental laboratories accessible to youth.

Among new Russian products presented at Russian exhibitions this summer, foreign partners paid special attention to the T-14 Armata tank, combat vehicles based on the Boomerang platform, Orion-E reconnaissance / strike UAV, Antey-4000 battlefield air defense missile system, Pantsir -S1M SPAAGM system, the fifth-generation Su-57 fighter, BMP-3 with the Berezhok combat module, other equipment. More than 80% of Rosoboronexport annual deliveries fall on products manufactured by the Russian Engineering Union (REU) enterprises including the Rostec subsidiaries such as United Aircraft Corporation, Russian Helicopters, High-Precision Weapons, as well as other national leaders.

The companies being associated in the REU make a strong contribution in the military-technical cooperation delivering their high-tech products to more than 100 countries, in the most challenging climatic and combat conditions. Nations from the Asia Pacific remain among the Russia’s leading customers in defence technology cooperation with a significant share of the Rosoboronexport current order portfolio of $52 billion.

Amur-1650 silent threat Diesel-electric Submarine based on Project 677E

The Amur-1650 is based on the Lada 677 Project. Its maiden submarine Saint-Petersburg went in full service with the Russian Navy.

Embodiment of the best Russian Submarine Building Technological Advancements

  • Well-balanced and powerful armament;
  • Low noisiness, small sonar and radar trace;
  • Control over the submarine and armament is highly automated;
  • Hi-tech are used.

Amur-1650 is the brand-new class of submarines, where the latest technologies and materials are used.

The submarine is effective against groups of ships and can efficiently search for submarines and destroy them. Amur-1650 as well can deliver strikes against critical land facilities and set minefields. Low noise and perfect sonar system ensure preemptive detection of an enemy.

Acquisition of hi-tech Amur-1650 submarine extends the State’s sea power.


  • Club – S integrated missile system: Range of fire, km – 300;
  • UGST torpedoes: Range of fire, km – 50;
  • Ammunition load 533 mm, no. – 18;
  • Lira sonar system with a towed low-frequency antenna;
  • KRM-66E radar.

Main Characteristics

Normal displacement, t : 1765
Main dimensions (length, beam, height), m : 66,8/7,1/6,7
Operational depth, m : 300
Speed submerged/surface, kts. : 19/10
Range using diesels/batteries, miles : 6000/650
Number of torpedoe tubes 533 mm : 6

Project 12701 Alexandrit-E Coastal Minesweeper

The unique Russian technologies have been proven successfully with the Russian Navy

Effective Ship with Minehunter and Minesweeper Functions

  • Highly effective sweeping and search for mines;
  • Minimal physical field signature;
  • Control over the ship and a tactical group is highly automated;
  • Traditional and new methods are used to combat maritime minefields;
  • Brand new shipbuilding technologies and composite materials are used.
  • Covert threats: found and defused

Modern, ahead of course mine search and destroy system and sweeps are installed on Alexandrit-E.

The ship is capable of providing effective countermine protection of naval bases, EEZs, ships and vessels on routes, and highly accurate search and destroy of minefields. Project 12701 can carry out countermine reconnaissance as well.


  • Alexandrit-ISPUM integrated mine search and destroy system or Alister 9 AUV with K-Ster search and destroy system;
  • GKT-2 and GOKT-1 deep-water sweeps;
  • SHAT-U broadband acoustic sweep;
  • Diez-E automated countermine measures control system;
  • AK-306 artillery gun mount 30-mm.
  • Alexandrit-E comprises means for effective countermine measures.

Main Characteristics

Full displacement, t : 890
Main dimensions (length, beam, draft), m : 61,6x10,3x3,3
Maximum speed, kts. : 16
Range, miles : 1500
Endurance, days : 10
Seaworthiness, points : 7