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Enhancing Maritime SATCOM Security: Orbit Integrates NetShroud+ Cyber Solution into OceanTRx MIL Systems

Designed to prevent cyberattacks on antennas, NetShroud+ enables continuous communication in any situation, even in the middle of the sea.

August 30, 2023 Photo(s): By Orbit Communications Systems
OceanTRx 7

Orbit Communications Systems, a leading global provider of maritime and airborne SATCOM terminals, tracking ground station solutions and mission-critical airborne audio management systems, unveils a major advancement in maritime SATCOM cyber security – the integration of the NetShroud+ system, with its comprehensive array of advanced cyber security features, into the company’s OceanTRx MIL systems.

The OceanTRx MIL is a full MIL-STD series of maritime SATCOM terminals with a unique four-frequency-band capability. It enables simultaneous operation or automatic switching between dual X/Ka, Ku/Ka and multiple bands, with an option forrapid, manual band swapping with multiple BUCs per system. Its compact design optimizes space utilization on naval vessels while delivering unparalleled performance. OceanTRx is also the first MIL-standard maritime SATCOM terminal to endure extreme environmental conditions without compromise.

With this new development, NetShroud+ ensures the utmost safety and integrity for the OceanTRx MIL system, even far out at sea, offering protection from potential cyber attacks - local or remote–and guaranteeing that the antenna will point to the satellite under any possible conditions to ensure reliable, continuous connectivity at all times.

OceanTRx 4 Ku

NetShroud+ works by providing an invisible, impregnable shield against attacks on the antenna control unit. Leveraging the power of Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), the system detects anomalies and zero-day attacks in realtime, providing advanced protection against a wide range of cyber threats, including identity theft, unauthorized access attempts and ransomware, safeguarding systems from previously unknown vulnerabilities and malicious data encryption. The robust implementation of White-Box Cryptography guarantees superior encryption, even in the face of adversaries with complete knowledge of and control over the system.

With a latency of fewer than four nano seconds, NetShroud+ ensures ultra-low latency encryption with throughput ranging from 1Gbit to 100Gbit per second, efficiently safeguarding the data in transit. The integration of White/Blacklist Filtering, Zero Trust Micro-segmentation, and deep packet inspection (DPI) and prevention (DPP) capabilities grants granular control over network traffic, and deep visibility into data packets. At the same time, DPP actively identifies and thwarts potential threats, safeguarding the maritime antenna and access to the OceanTRx MIL control unit management.

“Cyber threats remain among the most pervasive challenges we face today,” says Dany Eshchar, CEO of Orbit Communications Systems. “At Orbit, we've identified the critical need for comprehensive communication system protection, even on the open sea, and we are proud to pioneer a complete cybersecurity solutionwith ouradvanced maritime SATCOMsystems.With the recent award of a significant contract for OceanTRx 4 and OceanTRx 7 to an Asian naval force, and installations on naval vessels around the world, our OceanTRx MIL systems stand as a testament to cutting-edge reliability. The addition of NetShroud+ elevates their capability to deliver consistent, secure broadband communication essential for the success of intricate maritime missions."