Delivery of MH 60R Multi-Role Helicopters in India to Indian Navy

July 28, 2022 Photo(s): By PRO (Navy)

A Letter of Offer and Acceptance (LoA) for procurement of 24 MH 60R multi-role helicopters was concluded with the US Government in February 2020 at a cost of more than 14,000 Crores. The first three MH 60Rs delivered in US in 2021 are being utilised for training to IN crew. The next three MH 60R helicopters are being delivered at Kochi, two helicopters of which were received by the Indian Navy at Cochin International Airport on July 28, 2022 and the third helicopter is scheduled to be delivered in August 2022.

The delivery of all 24 MH 60R helicopters will be completed by 2025. The induction of state of the art mission capable platforms will significantly boost the integral ASW capability of the Indian Navy.