Navy reiterates interest in SR-SAM procurement

By SP's Special Correspondent

August 19, 2014: The Indian Navy has published its interest in procuring Short Range Surface to Air Missile (SR-SAM) systems for its surface platforms, including new generation of warships entering service. Typically, the navy will be looking at a weapon system in the 6-10 km range for short range engagement of aerial threats. Vendors have been asked to specify whether the missile they field for the potential competition is launched vertically from canisters mounted on the ship (below deck) or from the rails of a separately installed mechanical launcher with provision of loading the missiles from storage compartment located below deck. The navy has stipulated that initial service life of the missile should not be less than 10 years with provision to extend the life based on periodic inspection. A 21 point questionaire requiring all aspects of missiles that may be fielded in the bid has been sought by the navy. The SR-SAM requirement, it may be remembered, runs parallel to a QR-SAM requirement. Both requirements broadly intend to fill the gap left by the failure of the Trishul missile system. The navy has not specified if it wants the SR-SAM to have a limited point defence capability.