INS Sahyadri commissioned

By SP's Special Correspondent

Naval warship Sahyadri berthed at the Naval Dockyard,
Mumbai, before being commissioned as INS Sahyadri
    The Defence Minister A.K. Antony interacting with the Media
onboard the INS Sahyadri after the commissioning
ceremony. Also seen is Admiral Nirmal Verma,
Chief of the Naval Staff
The Defence Minister A.K. Antony, flanked by Minister
of State for Communication and IT - Sachin Pilot
and Milind Deora, releasing the Special Cover
Dignitaries on-board INS Sahyadri
July 23, 2012: As the government gets set to sanction the monumental Project 17 Alpha programme at a cost of Rs. 50,000-odd crore, the third Project-17 stealth frigate built indigenously by Mazagon Dock Ltd (MDL), F49 INS Sahyadri entered service with the Indian Navy on July 21 in Mumbai. INS Sahyadri is armed with a formidable array of surface, sub-surface and air-defence weapons. These include long-range anti-ship missiles, anti-aircraft missiles and anti-missile defence systems, which can detect and engage the enemy at extended ranges, thereby giving her significant combat power.

The two multi-role helicopters that are embarked on Sahyadri provide enhanced surveillance and attack capability. "This class of ships will be the mainstay frigates of the Indian Navy in the first half of the 21st century. The incorporation of numerous new design features aboard INS Sahyadri effectively reduces the probability of her being detected at sea," said the Navy in a statement. The ship is propelled by two gas turbine engines, which enable her to generate speeds in excess of 30 knots (or over 55 kmph), and two diesel engines for normal cruising speeds. The ship’s electric power is provided by four diesel alternators, which together produce four Mega-Watts of power—enough to light up a small town.

The ship’s requirement of fresh water is met through two reverse osmosis plants, while a fully automated galley, ensures that the crew can be fed a variety of cuisines. The accommodation for the 35 officers and 250 crew members of INS Sahyadri incorporates advanced ergonomic design and ensures crew comfort and space management.

 The Colour Guard saluting the Naval Ensign as the flag is hoisted for the first time,
marking the commissioning of INS Sahyadri

 The Defence Minister A.K. Antony waving out from the Gangway of INS Sahyadri.
Also seen is Admiral Nirmal Verma, Chief of the Naval Staff