Bids in Indian Navy MRH to be opened

Issue: 4 / 2014 August 29, 2014 By SP's Special Correspondent Photo(s): By NHIndustries, US Navy
S-70B Sea Hawk

The Indian Navy has breathed a sigh of relief with the MoD deciding to open bids in the delayed multirole helicopter (MRH) competition. The deal for 16 helicopters to replace the ageing Sea Kings on shore and aboard frontline surface combatants has hung fire for over two years, with the government prevaricating on opening commercial bids from Sikorsky for the S-70B Sea Hawk and NHIndustries for the NH90. In 2012, NHIndustries had written to the MoD alleging partial treatment to Sikorsky for the Sea Hawk, though these allegations were set aside by the navy as false. The navy desperately needs new multirole helicopters for utility and logistics purposes aboard its frontline vessels. The navy needs the MRH for cross-platform supply, special operations, surveillance, anti-submarine warfare, intelligence gathering, search and rescue and humanitarian missions.