Russia’s 23000E Shtorm Nuclear-powered Super-carrier Project

Issue: 5 / 2018

The Russian Navy is currently conducting early research on engine designs for its Project 23000E Shtorm which is a new nuclear-powered super-carrier and one of Russia’s most ambitious military programmes. The principal design work for the new carrier is being undertaken by the St. Petersburg-based Nevskoye Planning and Design bureau, Russia’s primary designer of large surface warships. Project Shtorm was shrouded in mystery for several years until an initial concept was unveiled by the Krylovsky State Research Center (KRSC) back in 2015. The new super-carrier would displace close to 1,00,000 tonnes, 330 m long, 40 m wide and could launch 80-90 aircraft with an EMALS system. Considering the estimated program cost of $9 billion, it seems quite unlikely that economically weakened Russia will move beyond the design stage.