IMDEX Asia 2017: CONTROP announces multiple contracts to provide iSea EO/IR maritime payloads to several customers worldwide

Australian Border Force purchased iSea-30HD system for Maritime Regulation applications; additional sales of iSea-20, iSea-30, and iSea-50HD systems

May 15, 2017 Photo(s): By CONTROP
CONTROP iSea in action

CONTROP Precision Technologies Ltd. — a company specializing in the field of electro-optics (EO) and infrared (IR) defense and homeland security solutions for maritime, airborne and land installations, recently provided iSea-30HD maritime payload to the Australian Border Forcefor Maritime Regulation applications. In addition, CONTROP reports sale of iSea-50HD high definition camera systems for Patrol Boats to a customer in Asia andseveral additional iSea-20 and iSea-30 maritime systems to international customers.

CONTROP's VP Marketing, Mr. Hagay Azanisays "The new iSea Family of EO/IR Maritime Payloads has been sold worldwide. These high quality gyro-stabilized camera systems provide stable day and thermal images even from fast Patrol Boats and they are already being used by Navy, Coast Guard and Special Naval Operations teamsas well as Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPVs)."

The iSea-30HD purchased by Australian Border Force, through CONTROP's Distributor, Infratherm Pty Ltd. in Australia, is a multi-sensor day/night EO/IR high definition (HD) payload. Mr. Azani continues "The Australian Border Force chose to integrate the iSea-30HD on their Bay Class maritime vessels, due to the fact that it was easy to install, easy to operate, and didn't require any alterations to the vessel. The iSea-30HD is ideal for OPVs, Corvettes and Frigates."

A customer in Asia also recently procured the iSea-50HD for Patrol Boats. The iSea-50HD isa gyro-stabilized full size multi sensor EO/IR maritime payload with a high definition day camera, which provides exceptionally high quality images from very long observation distances.

All of the CONTROP iSeaday/night camera payloads have an easy interface to Radar for slewing the EO/IR camera to the detected target. The iSea payloads are operated by CONTROP's proprietary Electronics Box, which includes a Video Tracker as well as Video Enhancement algorithms and a Picture-in-Picture feature. This is a distinct advantage because the customer can procure a smaller payload system at the start, and later upgrade to a larger payload if required for longer distance acquisition, but will only need to change the payload (the rest of the equipment remains the same).

Mr. Azaniadds, "the comfortable MMI of the iSea payloads and their advanced gyro-stabilization which provides outstanding images, make them superior to competing systems on the market."