SP's Naval Forces - August-September 2011

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Issue Features

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    Cover Story
    Need for a Comprehensive and Concerted Approach

    No nation can afford a gap of 30 years between inductions of submarines; a weapon platform whose optimum operational life span is about the same. The situation cannot be further compounded by not keeping the available assets combat worthy.

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    Net-Centricity to Ne(x)t-Centricity

    The time has come to ask questions about how to deliver tangible benefits in the context of network-centric operations.

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    Missile Systems
    Flexible and Long-Range

    The Barak surface-to-air missile system was designed to replace or complement gun-based close-in-weapon system platforms, such as the Phalanx.

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    China’s Aircraft Carrier Project

    There is enough evidence to indicate that China is expected to have an operational carrier by 2015 which will use a ski ramp.

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    South China Sea
    Tension Boils Over the Narrow Waters

    It is the major route for importing energy and exporting goods for the east asian countries. singapore and hong Kong have become major global economic hubs.

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    INS Satpura
    Indigenously Designed Warship

    Chief of the Naval staff, Admiral Nirmal Verma commissioned Satpura, the second stealth frigate of the Shivalik class, into the Indian Navy

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    The Ghost

    The Ghost is a revolutionary proprietary technology vessel platform that will assure force protection through stealth fighter/attack capabilities along with integrated situation awareness.

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    Common Unmanned Surface Vessel

    Textron systems’ CUSV excels during SUMMIT demonstration