Indian Navy for two new 500 ton water barges

Issue: 1 / 2015 January 28, 2015 By SP's Special Correspondent

The Indian Navy urgently requires two 500 ton water barges and has announced interest in procuring them on a fast-track basis. The self propelled water barge capable of replenishing water for ships in harbour and at anchorage. The vessel should be able to sustain itself at sea for 5 days while transiting from one port to another. The barge should have 10 tanks with a capacity of 50 ton each and should carry approximately 350 tons of fresh water and 150 tons of feed water. The vessel's main and auxiliary machinery should permit a continuing task time of 48 hrs. The barge should have a capability of quick turn around and should be capable of supplying light store to ships. The barge should be capable of carrying out inner harbour patrol in emergency, and should have an expected life of 20 years. The barge should have a top speed of 12 knots and a sustained speed of 10 knots, with the ability to operate in upto sea state 4 and survive in upto sea state 6. The Indian Navy is looking for latest design concepts for barges with respect to ergonomics / functional aspects and crew comfort are to be adopted. Sound insulation to be provided to all accommodation, work spaces, etc. The barge would have a complement of one Master, one engineer and 18 crew members as maximum complement.