Indian Navy scouts four MPVs

Issue: 6 / 2014 November 3, 2014 By SP's Special Correspondent

The Indian Navy has declared interest in acquiring four multipurpose support vessels (MPVs), not more than 110 metres in length and with displacement in excess of 3,500 tons capable of towing navy ships, launch & recovery of torpedoes and launch of various types of targets such as Pilotless Target Aircraft (PTA), Remote Control Target Boat (RCTB), Self Propelled Underwater Reusable Target (SPURT), Expendable Acoustic Target (EAT) etc and trial platforms for naval weapons and sensors under development by DRDO. Since the ship will be employed for towing operations, the navy wants MPVs capable of towing ships of approximately 8000 tons at 8 knots continuously without any restrictions. The navy has stipulated that the MPV should be able to stage a Dhruv or NUH chopper and host a complement of 10 officers and 120 sailors. The ship should have a range of about 4500 nm at 15 knots and 7500 nm at 10 knots with 25% reserve fuel. The ship should be able to sustain 30 days on a mission and should have a service life of at least 25 years. The navy wants all navigational aids to be provided on board the platform, including Integrated Bridge System (IBS), AIS, LRIT, DGPS, two I- band COTS radars with ARPA displays etc. Standard Naval IFF system (transponder only) should also be fitted. Accomodation for two 30 mm NSG with EOFCS and HMGs/LMGs to be nominated by the Indian Navy seprately and integrated by the supplier.