DRDO releases offsets wishlist, sets sight on 26 areas, facilities

By SP's Special Correspondent

June 09, 2014: With billions of dollars worth of offsets set to flow into the country on the back of high-value armament system purchases, India's Defence R&D Organisation (DRDO) has compiled a list of 26 critical defence technologies and test facilities it would like to harvest for itself through the incoming offset tide. The list is of specific interest to international vendors looking to formulate offsets proposals at this time, providing them with specific avenues being scouted in terms of technology absorption. These include precision guided munitions, gun barrel technologies, advanced recoil system technologies, electromagnetic rail gun technology, FSAPDS and HESH ammunition technologies. In the field of electronics and sensors, the DRDO hopes to absorb know—how in the field of MEMs based sensors, actuators, RF devices, focal plane arrays, nano technology based sensors & displays, miniature SAR & ISAR technologies, fiber lasers technology, shared and conformal apertures and shock hardened sensors. Other technologies the DRDO is looking to imbibe from foreign offsets inflow includes titanium casting, forging, fabrication and machining, high efficiency flexible solar cells technology, super cavitations technology (for underwater weapons), molecularly imprinted polymers and composite sabot manufacturing technology. In the field of aerospace, the DRDO wants technologies for hypersonic flights (propulsion, aerodynamics and structures), low observable technologies, surface coated double base (SCDB) propellant and MET projectiles. Finally, it also wishes to shore up expertise in technologies to generate high power lasers, high strength, high modulus, carbon fibers, mesophase pitch-based fiber, a carbon fiber production facility, pulse power network technologies and THZ technologies.