GRSE Readies For P17A Build Programme

Issue: 6 / 2014 By SP's Special Correspondent November 24, 2014 Photo(s): By GRSE
GRSE Launches LCU

Alongside other DPSU shipyards undergoing internal upgrades to take on more complex shipbuilding work, Kolkata's Garden Reach Shipbuilders & Engineers (GRSE) is in the process of transforming its infrastructure to adopt Integrated Construction Technology for the construction of the last lot of Landing Ship (Utility) for the Indian Navy, but more importantly for the construction of P17A stealth frigates, the most complex warships the yard would ever have attempted. The concept of Integrated Construction technology is being adopted in order to improve quality and reduction in build period for future warships, starting with the P17A. With the takeover of the Rajbagan Shipyard, GRSE is in area terms the largest defence shipyard in the country, and the only DPSU shipyard established with two independent production lines for big ships as well as small ships. The P17A stealth frigate programme will be a flagship effort for the yard. To meet the demand of P17A ships, steel throughput will be increased considerably, for which new sub-contractors for fabrication and erection of hull blocks are being developed to meet demand. GRSE is also attempting to upgrade the use of technology for in-house fabrication and erection of blocks to ramp up increase productivity. GRSE is considering a proposal of to set up a new hull block fabrication facility with suitable EOT cranes and other infrastructure facilities for fabricating at least four blocks (each weighing up to 65 tons) at a time.