India conducts 11th test of K-15 subsurface weapon

Issue: 1 / 2013 January 28, 2013 By SP's Special Correspondent Photo(s): By DRDO
Shourya test

In a significant milestone towards technology maturity, the DRDO today conducted its 11th successful test of the K-15 subsurface launched medium range ballistic missile from the Bay of Bengal. The K-15/B-05, the principle weapon variant of the more visible Shourya land-based hybrid missile, was launched from an underwater launch platform and monitored by Indian Navy ships in the Bay of Bengal. This was the 11th underwater test, and coupled with four land tests of the Shourya, is now 15 tests old.

DRDO sources said, "We can now say with confidence that the weapon has reached a level of maturity." The K-15 will continue to be tested. Meanwhile, the launch platform, the Arihant ballistic missile submarine is still nowhere close to being ready for weapons trials. The platform will be capable of carrying at one time a dozen K-15 missiles. The intermediate range K-4 missile, with ranges close to 4,000-km, is still under development, with a first test likely to take place by next year.