Hermes 900 at Aero India 2013

Issue: 1 / 2013 January 28, 2013 By SP's Special Correspondent Photo(s): By Elbit Systems

Israel's Elbit Systems has announced that it will display its new generation Hermes 900 Maritime Patrol UAS at Aero India 2013. The Indian Navy, as is well known, is in the global market for maritime medium altitude long endurance unmanned surveillance air vehicles. According to Elbit, "Interactively controlled from mobile land based mission systems, fixed operation rooms or own force ships, Hermes® 900 provides multi-sensor data and live video in real time to mission operators and ship crews at sea.

Hermes® 900 UAS can operate stand alone or can be integratedin to an overall setup of aircraft, ships, shore or offshore based sensors, and maritime control centers and HQ. Hermes® 900 can perform versatile missions such participation in Naval warfare (SSW), Ship-Shore operations, EEZ monitoring & control, Coastal protection, Surveillance & protection of vital assets (such as oil rigs), anti-piracy operations, environmental monitoring, and search & rescue operations."