Indian Navy for new airport surveillance radars

By SP's Special Correspondent
Photo Credit : Raytheon

Airport Surveillance RadarAugust 17, 2012: In an effort to ramp up navigation and surveillance systems at its airfields across the country, the Indian Navy has announced interest in acquiring an unspecified number of airport surveillance radars (ASR), including a secondary surveillance radar, for its naval air stations. The ASR will be used to detect aircraft and helicopters, automatically track them, identification of cooperative air targets with respect to aircraft identification, altitude etc, and provision of SSR data on the radar display, and weather data to the ATC. The tender is expected to be the first in a slew of radar purchases expected from the navy in the short term.

The Navy's brand new air station INS Baaz—India's southernmost air station—at Campbell Bay on the Nicobar Islands will receive one of these radars. The air station is currently capable of receiving only transport aircraft and helicopters, but may in the future be expanded for fighter operations.