BrahMos Anti-Ship/Land Attack Test From INS Kolkata

Issue: 1 / 2015 February 2, 2015 By SP's Special Correspondent Photo(s): By Indian Navy Western Fleet

The country's most potent warship, the INS Kolkata stealth destroyer, deployed in the Arabian Sea has been put through the motions towards the end of 2014, with the first glimpses of its operational prowess now visible. While the ship is yet to get its long-range surface to air weapons complement, the war room is very satisfied with the performance with the BrahMos, fitted in the INS Kolkata in a 16 silo vertical configuration on the forward deck. Shortly after being commissioned last year, the ship tested all its weapons as part of a solitary exercise with two other ships off the coast of Goa, where it tested the BrahMos in its proven vertical configuration. INS Kolkata, incidentally, carries the maximum number of BrahMos missiles of any Indian Navy warship so far, carrying two 8-cell vertical launch systems. While the three follow-on Talwar-class frigates, two Rajput-class destroyers and all three indigenously built Shivalik-class frigates deploy a single 8-cell vertical launch configuration of the BrahMos, the INS Rajput — the first Indian Navy warship to deploy the BrahMos operationally — deploys four BrahMos missiles on two shoulder inclined launchers. The 290 km range naval BrahMos that performs the twin roles of anti-ship and precision land attack, is being improved for deployment on the P15B destroyers and P17A frigates, which will include greater stealth characteristics and survivability features over and above its velocity. The images, captured by on board cameras on the INS Kolkata for the first time depict the twin 8-cell vertical launch system of the BrahMos in action.