Indian Navy for 15 coastal-defence missile systems

By SP's Special Correspondent

October 28, 2013: The Indian Navy has announced interest in 15 mobile missile coastal battery (MMCB) systems for deployment at various locations along the country's coast to protect Naval bases and ships. According to the Navy, "The MMCB is intended to be deployed for defence of the coast line against attacks from the sea and it should consist of mobile launchers, mobile command post, integral mobile radar which provides range commensurate to the range of the missile and mobile replenishment vehicle to replenish/re-arm the mobile launchers with missiles."

The Navy is looking for a missile system with a minimum desired range of 150 km and a warhead weight of at least 150 kg. The MMCB will be required for the anti-ship and near land attack roles, and the Navy has specifically asked for commonalities with anti-ship missiles launched from ships. In addition, the Navy has sought details of missile construction, capabilities and specific features, including waypoint, re-attack capability, flight profile (eg flight altitude/speeds in various phases, details of sea-skimming capability etc), speed of missile (minimum required 0.8 Mach), terminal phase manoeuvre capability, RCS of missile, hit probability against various targets, inertial navigation system (INS), any GPS/ GLONASS or other receiver for positional and targeting accuracy.