Northrop Grumman nose arrays on Indian Navy's MK54 torpedoes

Issue: 4 / 2013 August 21, 2013 By SP's Special Correspondent Photo(s): By US Navy
P-8A successfully launches first MK54 weapon test

The Indian Navy's brand new Raytheon MK54 light anti-submarine torpedoes—contracted last year, yet to be delivered—will sport Northrop Grumman nose arrays. The torpedoes will be deployed from the Navy's new P-8I aircraft, a platform from which the torpedo has already been tested by the US Navy. The weapon was tested for the first time in the US Navy's Atlantic Test Range in October 2011.

Speaking on the acoustic nose array assemblies his company will now be delivering to the US Navy for fitment on the torpedoes for India, Tom Jones, Vice President for undersea systems at Northrop-Grumman, said, "We are pleased to support the US Navy's torpedo enterprise once again by providing this undersea warfare capability to the Navy and our international partners."