Navy issues RFP for 9 MRMR aircraft

Issue: 4 / 2013 August 19, 2013 By SP's Special Correspondent Photo(s): By EWATT

Following approval from the Defence Acquisition Council in February this year, the Indian Navy has sent out a long anticipated request for proposal (RFP) to vendors across the world for nine medium-range maritime reconnaissance aircraft. This acquisition looks to give the Navy aircraft with an operating range of at least 350nm and patrol time of at least 3.5-hours, clearly to augment mission profiles that will be served by 12 (8+4) new Boeing P-8Is.

The roles specified for the contending aircraft include maritime patrol, anti-surface warfare (two anti-ship missiles and jammer pod minimum), ELINT/ESM/ECM/COMINT and search and rescue. The likely contenders for this competition are likely to be IAI-Bombardier Q400 MP, the Saab 2000 MP, Embraer P99, Alenia ATR-72 MP, Dassault Falcon 900 MPA, Lockheed-Martin C-130J Sea Hercules, Boeing P-8I and EADS CASA C-295 MP.

Bombardier Q400 MP
Saab 2000 MP
Embraer P99
Alenia ATR-72 MP
Dassault Falcon 900 MPA
C-130J Sea Hercules
Boeing P-8I P8I